torchy's tacos



In 2008, Torchy's Tacos began to flourish in Austin. The restaurant's humble beginnings were propelled forward by a crew of leaders who believed strongly in their "Taco Dream" and their desire to not work for The Man. With devoted regulars and tacos that were damn good, the restaurant needed a brand to rally behind that was as fiery and unique as their offerings. That's where we came in. From their logo and menus to point-of-purchase and direct marketing efforts, we helped the Torchy's brand develop into the current Austin staple that locals know and love.


Plan of attack

It all started with the logo. The devilish baby, clearly up to no good, sets the tone and personality for the entire brand. From there, we knew we had to follow suit with the Austin tradition of being, well... untraditional. To grab the attention of customers who lived in a sea of local restaurant choices, Torchy's needed to stand out with deliverables and offers too good to refuse, all of which featured custom type and a consistent message. Plus, we enlisted the help of all the usual suspects: a stellar website, print advertising and more.



Brand Strategy
Market Research
Web Design



Logo Design


menu design

At Torchy's start, the emphasis on being fiery and devilish was heavy. The first menu design was nothing short of that and placed a strong emphasis on their unique brand story. A story as inspiring as the story of Torchy's had to be showcased.


Website Design

We developed the brand from the very start, so this original website design served as the foundation for the updated version that lives on today.


print materials

We designed custom print materials and wrote copy to promote new store openings, their Happy Hora, and various special offers, like The Taco Redemption Card and Torchy's Tattoos.



We knew these fiery tacos needed product shots with a similar flavor. Are you hungry yet?


miscellaneous assets

Other assets we created for Torchy's include: 'Taco of the Month' designs, Diablo Sauce packaging, to-go bags, rainwater packaging, stickers, matches and pattern design.